Highly Intensive Security Training

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The training we have given to our operatives before posting not withstanding, Security Operatives shall continually be put on refresh training from time to time. This is necessary to enhance efficiency and productivity at all times.

Our training school makes provision for the training of both regular Security Guards and Professionals. We equally train and retrain Guards for other business organizations. In most cases, we embark on two week intensive training as may be specified by our clients.


The company’s experience in the industry has shown that for security personnel to be disciplined smart and intelligent, there is need for continuous and up to date security training.

In order to maintain a leadership position in the industry and forge a role for others to emulate, substantial percentage of the annual vote is apportioned to security training.
With burning zeal to improve on training, a giant step was taken in year 2000 by involving professionals in the training scheme to supplement the efforts of conventional training instructors.

Our training programs for fresher (New Recruits) take duration of six (6) weeks. The six (6) weeks program is spread over three (3) principal security training units. The units for fresher are:

1. Basic security training
2. Paramilitary training (Drilling and Salutation)
3. Case study.

Element of security is taught for a period of three (3) weeks with the following causes in focus:

a. Security code of conduct.
b. Professional ethnics.
c. General guard duty.
d. Report writing.
e. Self-protection.
f. Protection and guiding client’s property.


This type of training is designed to make our security guards smart, agile and prevent foot dragging while on tour or duty. Part of the training includes: Simple salutation, dressing pattern, use of whistles, batons, est.


This is the last course in the series. It is more or less an induction course, which enables the Guards to put into practice what they have learnt. Our procedure is to deploy graduating Guards to the residence of top members of our organization and also work as Relief Duty Guards in some of the big premises under our control. This is termed “Security Internship Program”.

Our case studies are drafted from incidence that occurs in the immediate past in respect of lapses or vigilant act of Security Guards. In most cases the course revolves around the under listed.
1. Security control system.
2. Offences, crime and the law.
3. Prevention of crime.
4. Arrest procedure.
5. Description and identification of persons and objects.
6. Observation, complaint, petition, confession and evidence.
7. Forgery and interrogation.

Our course outline is subject to review periodically. This is necessary to enable us add new topics to our course content as dictated by crime situation in the country.

Our training programs are scheduled in line with the timetable below:
Maximum number in class: 30
Maximum lecture hour per day: Six [6] hours.
Maximum duration of lectures per class: One hour per day.
Break: One hour per day.

Apart from our regular training program, we equally organize seminars for security guards where we invite contributors from eminent scholars on security related courses.

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We have one of the highest security officer and client retention in the security industry. Guards assigned to your security plan are carefully screened and evaluated on the basis of their commitment to a career as a security officer. This results in a pool of officers who are noted for their stability and longevity. Guards are well groomed, properly equipped, fully trained.

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