more security conscious
5 More Ways How To Be Security Conscious
July 27, 2012
more security conscious
5 More Ways How To Be Security Conscious
July 27, 2012

Are you making these security mistakes?

Being security conscious is very important. And ensuring that measures are put in place to stay safe and secure is also important.

But at times, there are some security mistakes you might be making unintentionally. And if you fail to avoid them, you will not be safe from unforeseen dangers, threat or risk.

Therefore, in this post, I will share with you 10 security mistakes and how you can avoid them.

10 Security Mistakes to Avoid and Stay Safe

Below are 10 security mistakes and how to avoid them:

1. Not Being Informed

The first security mistake you make is having no knowledge about your immediate surroundings. When you are uninformed about your surroundings, you are prone to threat, risk and danger.

To avoid this requires that you stay up to date with the current happenings in your environment. That is, staying abreast with trending security issues around you. When you are informed about your surroundings, threat, risk or danger would not be a surprise.

2. Not Being Alert

Another key security mistake is not being alert. When you fail to be vigilant about your immediate environment or not observing your surroundings to ensure any sign of threats are identified and avoided early enough, then your safety is at risk.

To avoid this, you’ve got to be at alert. Be vigilant and observant. Ensure that you are not carried away or distracted from whatever is going on around you.

3. Not Being Preventive

The next security mistake is not being preventive. Failing to plan and put security measures in place to ensure the safety of your life and that of your valuables can put your safety at risk.

Threat, risk and danger don’t send out warning signals before they happen. So to avoid this, you’ve got to be preventive. Why? Because prevention is the best form of security. And since you don’t know when your safety might be at risk, your best response is defense.

4. Not Being Restrictive

Another security mistake is no access control. Not controlling access not only to you, but to most of your personal valuable things and premises will make it easy for anyone who is a liable threat to gain access to you. When such threat gains access to you, your safety at risk.

To avoid this mistake, you’ve got to be restrictive. Setting up restrictions around yourself such as; visiting time, meeting in public places not in your house and locking every entry and exit points at home. Restriction is another way to be more security conscious.

5. Not Being Simple

Most security threats are self inflicted as a result of showing off of wealth or that one has arrived. This is one of the key security mistakes and that is, being egocentric. When you’re less simple, showing off your valuables, it will position you as a prime object of threat, risk and danger. Because these things you publicly expose are the envy of some.

Avoiding this mistake, you’ve got to be simple or less egoistic. Don’t make yourself the object of threat, risk and danger. If you don’t keep your valuables safe, those who need it will come for it.

6. Not Being Unpredictable

Being predictable is another security mistake you make. This involves a consistent pattern of your daily life. You follow the same route to and from work, you always keep late nights every Friday, the same cab takes you to work every day or takes your kids to school. The more predictable you become, the easier it is for your safety to be at risk.

To avoid this, you’ve got to be unpredictable. You have to allow some form of randomness in your life by changing some static patterns in your life.

7. Not Being Secretive

Talking more by sharing personal or private information in public places is often a security mistake. When you share private information with strangers, they might use such information to threaten your life. Because the enemy works with information before striking.

So how can you avoid this and protect yourself? By keeping your mouth shut. Learn not to share private information in public places such as in the bus, beer parlour, church, school or any other public gatherings.

8. Not Being Accountable

Most valuables get missing because there is no record of their existence. And this is a key security mistake — not keep records. Failing to ensure that proper records are kept, it will be impossible to guard your properties or valuable items against theft.

So to avoid this, be accountable. Keep track of your money, keep track of your luggage and keep track of your time.

9. Not Being Accompanied

Another security mistake often made is not being accompanied. When you fail to be accompanied by walking alone especially during odd hours, your safety is at risk. Because most armed men or kidnappers normally operate in two and never alone.

To avoid this, try as much as possible not to walk alone especially during odd hours. Ensure that you are being accompanied. The probability of being attacked when alone is much higher than when you are accompanied.

10. Not Being Insured

Most threats, risks and dangers are not man-made but natural occurrences such as fire, flood, accident, etc. But when you fail to be insured against these dangers caused by nature, you can not minimize your losses.

So the only way to avoid this and minimize threats, risks or dangers caused by nature is to insure your losses. Because, insurance is a good security measure.


Mistakes do happen because no one, not even you is immune to mistakes, especially the above security mistakes.

You can always stay safe and secure if these security mistakes (as shown above) are considered and avoided.

Once you can avoid these mistakes, you’ll be less prone to threats, risks and dangers.

How are you avoiding these mistakes?



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