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    School Security Measures And How to Implement One Now!

    How safe is your school?

    In fact, how safe are your children while they learn? Do they worry less about their safety while they learn? Or do their parents do the worrying for them?

    There are many security issues surrounding schools these days. This is due to the fact that security concerns have changed since most of these issues arised. Not only does school worry about violence or threats, but a new concern, terrorism.

    Keeping your children safe while they learn has become a necessity. Why? Because school security and safety is an extremely important issue, especially in light of recent kidnappings and Boko Haram threats in the country.

    It’s high time that school officials and administrators begin to take a pro-active approach to their schools’ safety through a variety of different tools and methods that analyze and prevent potential risks.

    What are these security measures [tools and methods] required to put in place to analyze and prevent potential threats?

    The answer to the above question is the essence of this post.

    But first, we need to have an overview of what school security is all about.

    What Exactly is School Security?

    School security consists of measures that are implemented to increase safety of schools and minimize risks of attacks and other dangers. That is, it consists of safety activities that are put in place to ensure that children are safe and secure while they learn.

    Why is School Security Important?

    Keeping a school secure and safe is a very important task that should not be taken lightly. Below are the reasons for having a safe and secure learning environment for the academic development of Nigerian students.

    • To keep our children safe.

    This among others is the essence of putting school security measures in place and that is to keep our children safe while they learn.

    • To prevent violence.

    The second reason is to prevent and protect our children from violence such as bullying, victimization, crime, classroom disorder, theft, etc.

    • To maintain an optimal learning environment.

    Another reason is to promote a safe learning environment. This enables our children to learn and concentrate on education without worries about their safety.

    How to Put School Security Measures in Place for Safe Learning

    The protection of your life and that of your loved ones at school has gone beyond the four walls of your house or business. You can’t rely on home security or business security alone. You’ve got to rely on and put in place school security measures to keep your children safe while they learn.

    Below are key security measures to put in place to keep our children safe while they learn.

    • Have the School Premises Fenced with a Gate.

    You’ve got to ensure that the school premises are well-built with fences and gates. This helps to checkmate and control whoever comes and goes in and out of the school premises.

    • Conduct Background Checks before Employing Staffs.

    Before you hire any new staff, you’ve to do a background check to be sure that whom you are about to employ doesn’t pose a security threat. And ensure to ask plenty of questions so as to be sure that you are hiring the one who fits the job.

    • Enforce ID Requirements Among Teachers and Students.

    Mode of identification such as ID card should be issued to everyone that studies and works at the school. Meaning, students and workers should always be in possession of their identification cards. This is to ensure that the school members are properly accounted for.

    • Have a Professional Guard Stationed.

    Having your school fenced with gate and without it being manned by a security guard can be risky and put your children at risk. Therefore, you’ve got to ensure that a professional security guard is employed and manned at the gate to keep tabs on who comes in and goes out.

    • Enforce Visitors’ Clearance.

    You’ve got to enforce that anyone who visits must be cleared before they go into the school premises. This is to ensure that the numbers of people who go into the school are properly screened for safety.

    • Monitor Every Student’s Activities.

    Ensure that students are never left alone without monitoring the various activities they engage in during school hours. This will help to detect any wrong or shady moves for safety.


    School designed to be a center for learning should be a place that is safe, secured and peaceful. But in a situation where the school premises seem unsafe for learning, students will always be reluctant to go to school.

    This is why it is mandatory that the above school security measures are put in place not only to keep the school safe, secure and peaceful, but to ensure that our children focus on learning the skills needed for a successful education and future.

    The question now is, are these security measures in place at your school?

    Or would like to have a professional security agency put them in place for you?

    Get in touch with us now for a free consultation to help keep your school safe, secured and peaceful.




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