Executive Protection 101: The Security For VIPs
May 28, 2012
secure business premises
Business Premises Security: How to Secure Your Business Premises Against Threats
August 19, 2016
Executive Protection 101: The Security For VIPs
May 28, 2012
secure business premises
Business Premises Security: How to Secure Your Business Premises Against Threats
August 19, 2016
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Business Security Measures and How to Implement One

How safe is your business?

Are you putting the necessary security measures in place to keep your business safe and secure?

If not, understand this…

Securing your business is more critical than ever. This is because you’ve got a lot to worry about in your business. There’s the life of your customers, workers, information and other valuable company assets.

And you need to ensure that they are all protected and secured.

So in this post, we’ll take a look at business security measures required to keep your business safe and secure.

Before we begin, let’s start with…

What is Business Security Measures?

Business security refers to the methods of securing your business and her assets through the implementation of systematic measures against threats.

Most times, you cannot determine who comes into your business premises. A total stranger disguised as a worker can gain access into your business office if she has a valid access ID.

Ensuring that certain measures are put in place to monitor who goes in and out of your business is what business security is all about.

Why is Business Security Measures Important?

Keeping your business safe and secure is vital. Here are 3 reasons why business security is important

  • To protect your business against intruders. This is one of the main reasons why business security is important; to keep your business and her assets secured against threats.
  • To provide a safer environment for business. Another key reason is that it helps to ensure that your business environs are safe and secure for your employees, customers, and members of the society.
  • To prevent crime. There are two types of theft: internal and external theft. Putting business security in place helps to prevent both internal theft [employee theft] and external theft [non-employee theft].

How to Put Business Security Measures in Place?

When it comes to protecting your business, there is no cutting of corners. Because your business needs to be protected against threats.

Below are business security measures that must be put in place to keep your business protected from threats.

  • Regular Risk Assessment:

    Risk assessment is fundamental to the security of your business. Be sure to review your risk assessment on a regular basis and update it if necessary to evaluate your current security measures. This will help to ensure that the right measures are put in place to deter identified risk.

  • Secure All Access Points:

    There are more than one access points [entrances and emergency exit] in your business. You’ve got to ensure that all access point are secured and controlled.

  • Install a Surveillance System:

    A surveillance system is a monitoring system that is used to monitor the activities of people. Endeavour to install a verified surveillance system. This will help your business to monitor and track criminals committing a crime in real time.

  • Enforce ID Requirements:

    Like I said earlier, most times you cannot determine who comes into your business premises. Enforcing ID requirements will help to control all access points by giving only authorized personnel access to important areas in your business.

  • Have a Hiring Screening Policy:

    Preventing internal theft in your business can be guaranteed by the implementation of a screening policy. This helps to protect your business from employee theft.

  • Provide Safety Training:

    Always ensure that your employees have adequate training on safety procedures in case of an emergency. It is also important that safety drills are conducted on a regular basis to ensure that employees know what to do during emergencies.

  • Adequate Security Personnel:

    Be sure to have adequate professional security personnel in place. This will ensure that there are adequate guards in place to prevent crimes and threats in your business.

How Safe and Secure is Your Business?

All businesses, whether small or large, need to implement safety measures and provide a safe working environment for those who work for and come in contact with them.

With the above business security measures, you now have practical security steps to implement to provide a safe and secure environment for your business.

The question now is: how effective are you implementing these business security measures today?



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