WARNING: Nigerians Beware Of Kidnappers And How To Protect Yourself
December 6, 2011
2012 Do It Yourself Home Security Guide
January 3, 2012
WARNING: Nigerians Beware Of Kidnappers And How To Protect Yourself
December 6, 2011
2012 Do It Yourself Home Security Guide
January 3, 2012
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How Safe Are You From Your Gate Man?

As crime rates in the world have increased during the past few years, the need for private security has become a necessity rather than a luxury.


People prefer having their own security systems and guards instead of solely relying on government to protect their lives and properties.


Generally, the role of private security is to safeguard and protect private interests such as lives, property, equipment, material, information, personnel and other company/personal assets.


How Safe Are You From Your Gate man?

Is he someone  you  trust? Is the name you call him his real name?  Who are his friends?  Where does he go at the close of  day.


Should you be concerned about all these? YES you should. Have you forgotten that your loved ones, your treasured possession and your general safety are important? Who takes liability for his actions?


Things are sometimes not as it looks. The man in your gate house could be working contrary to your intentions. We have heard several horrifying stories of the actions of these  men from giving information to striking, through stealing and kidnapping. At the time you feel you can trust them, you end up being disappointed.


You may want to have them apprehended but who will you hold responsible? Not your friend who introduced him because he does not exactly know him. You end up disappointed, enduring losses of properties and may be lives.


It is important to give the security of your life and property  a priority. It begins by being careful who opens your door for people. He could open it for your harm.


What To Do Next?


The smart way to guarantee the safety of your home or business premises from the nefarious activities of criminal minded gate men or ‘mei guards’ as they are popularly called is to hire trusted professionals.


Professional security guards are not just ordinary men or women, they are employees of registered companies. Meaning, in the event of theft or any other loses, these men or women can be traced back to their parent companies. They are not freelancers who don’t have corporate entity to hold responsible. They are trusted because they are ambassadors of their parent company.


In Damog Guards for example, each of our security ambassadors [guards] are insured against risk and so also is the properties kept under our watch. We can guarantee your safety and the safety of your properties and interests because we have trained and trusted professionals watching your back!


Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish; security is not an expense, but an investment against loss.



  1. Thank you Kemi for this post. These days it’s hard knowing who to entrust our lives and properties with. As you concluded, i think it is much safer and cost effective on the long run to hire professional security guards from reputable companies, than face the risk of the average ‘mei guard’.

    Thank you for sharing. Keep securing Nigeria!

    • Hey Tito,
      Thanks for visiting the blog and leaving behind such nice comment. It’s true we can’t trust anybody these days in Nigeria, especially due to the ever increasing crime rates. The situation has grown bigger than the competence of the traditional ‘mei guards’. To be safe and ensure continuous peace of mind, trained and trusted security professionals is the answer!

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  5. Your point of view caught my eye and was very interesting. Thanks. I have a question for you.

  6. Thanks for sharing. I read many of your blog posts, cool, your blog is very good.

  7. Can you be more specific about the content of your article? After reading it, I still have some doubts. Hope you can help me.

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